Fifty Cent Sale — The Crazy GM Benefit Sale

May 29, 2012
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May is coming to a close. Not to mention I caught at least five fish a day over my five day weekend. As I was catching up with all of my online pursuits, I discovered my friend, Michael Garcia, had run into unexpected medical bills. Michael has helped me out with CSS and layout issues on more than one occasion. I’d grumble. He’d tell me how to fix it. He never blinked. He’d just jump in and do it. So I’m going to return the favor.

From now until the end of May, everything from M&M is $0.50 over at DriveThru/RPGNow. All proceeds will be directed to aid him with the medical bills. If I sell 20 products in the next 2 days, I’ll extend the benefit sale through June. For $1.50, you can get over 30,000 historical names from the medieval and wild west eras. To make it even easier, you can buy the Crazy GM Bundle or any of the individual products below.

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