One year already? Yup

Apr 30, 2012

A few days ago, Mithril & Mages passed by its one year anniversary. The last year was pretty amazing. I had a great time tinkering with gaming materials and writing a fair bit of code. Judging from the response, far more people are interested in the products of my coding talents than are interested in the ramblings of my mind.

As with most things, the site has taken time to build and even longer to find an audience. I’m quite happy with the results of the last year although I have been slacking for the last few months. Over 12 months, nearly 26,000 unique visitors came to the site resulting in 225,000 page views (69000 unique). Statistics are notoriously biased but I took the information from Google analytics with my own visits removed.

Visits over 12 Months

Page Views over 12 Months

Both curves are moving up and to the right. If the site were a stock, I’d be retiring on the returns. Who could complain about that? I appreciate all the visitors who have found my efforts useful in the last year. It is humbling to know I’ve aided so many different people in such a short span. I hope you found what you needed or the inspiration to create something based on chaotic results.

Here’s to next year, we’re going to surpass a 100K page views in a month. I can feel it.. Thanks again to all the visitors and individuals who have made it possible thus far.



  • Congratz! One year and impressive stats!

  • Thanks RandomDM. It has been a fun year.