Zombie Friends are not Friends

Apr 17, 2012
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Byron added this bit on how Garrett met his demise… Apologies in advance, Garrett.

Garrett had driven half way across the country to get to +Mark Hassman’s house. The sooner he got there the better too. Traffic is getting crazy, people are driving to fast and dangerously, and he’s only been in the city for 10 minutes and has already seen nearly a dozen fights, and some crazy hobo had jumped on the hood of his car and pounded on the wind sheild.
Garrett nearly shit him self when that happened, and barely avoided crashing in to another car.

5 minutes later he was at Mark`s place, so he grabbed his bags and ran to his door, ringing the doorbell and pounding on the door. When Mark finally answered, Garrett was shocked. Mark looked terrible, like he had a flu or something. Why wouldn`t he have called if he was sick, Garrett thought. This could have easily been rescheduled.
“Come in” Mark said in a voice that was rough and coarse.
Garrett closed the door behind him and asked what happened, asking if Mark was sick.
“I don’t know what happened” replied Mark in a dry whisper of a voice. “Some kid came up and bit me an hour ago. Now I don’t feel very good.”

It was at that point that Mark got violently sick, causing Garrett to jump up and rush to the phone, dialing 911. All he got was a busy signal. He tried again, and again, and again. Nothing.

Garrett went back to help Mark, but he wasn’t there. He called out his name, and went in to a different room but he couldn’t find him. Hearing a noise coming from the bathroom he went to check, thinking he just moved to there to get sick again.

He opened the door and saw Mark on the floor, not moving. He checked for a pulse, placing his hand on his throat, nothing. Garrett raced back to the phone to try 911 again, and again and again and again. Nothing but busy signals. He started to go back to check on Mark, perform CPR perhaps, when Mark burst through the doorway crashing over furniture and charging straight for Garrett.

The last thought that went through Garretts head was that Mark looked just like the hobo that jumped on his car.

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