Attacked by a Little Girl – How I became one of the undead

Apr 17, 2012
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Here I am, in all my zombie glory, courtesy of the amazingly talented Byron Rempel.

Fine Day to be a Zombie

Mark was at his local supermarket getting supplies for the weekend. His gaming buddies were coming to town to hang out, have a few drinks, tell a few stories and perhaps even play a couple games again. It’s been nearly a year since they last got together and he was really looking forward to it.

It was while walking through the parking lot he started noticing things were a little … off. There was yelling and screaming coming from across the street, cars seemed to be driving erratically, and he thought he heard gun shots in the distance.

The city is going crazy he thought, as he put his groceries in his car, and then screamed in pain as he felt something bite his upper leg. Instinctively he struck out and knocked the attack away. It was a little girl, but not really. Her face was all snarled and distorted, big gashes in her cheeks and missing half of her hair. She looked up at him and started roaring, rising up fast and lunging at Mark. He quickly took a step back and kicked her as hard as he could. He heard a snap and she fell down hard, unmoving.

Mark looked around to see if anyone saw the attack, decided he didn’t much care, and got in his car and left. His leg was really sore, but he’d check it once he was home … and safe. In a few hours Mark’s friends would be there, and then everything will be awesome.

It’s going to be a great weekend.

Want to be zombified? Visit Byron on G+ or his 1000 Zombies page for all the details.

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