Another Gamer Down: My Zombie Wrath Continues

Apr 17, 2012
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Yes, yes…another victim. Tasty morsels of living flesh. I (apparently) cannot be denied. Wheels is the latest and last to fall.

“Wheels” was listening to the radio as he raced down the street heading for +Mark Hassman’s house. The zombie apocalypse was happening, just like they always joked about, but this was no joke. People were dying and coming back to kill others, spreading the infection. He tried to call his buddies but the cell phone service was down, he only hoped they were both safe.

He drove over a zombie as he approached Marks house, taking an extra moment to back over its head, and then pulled in to his drive way, parking beside Garretts car. Good, they were both here.

He grabbed his bag and went to the door, knocking as loudly as he dared, not wanting to draw any extra attention to himself. After a few tense moments without answer from within, he tried the door knob. It turned with a click, and with one last scan of the area, he started to enter.

Immediately he was grabbed by +Mark Hassman and Garrett who dragged in to the house screaming, his flailing legs kicked the door shut behind him.

Nice 'do.

Want to be zombified? Visit Byron or his 1000 Zombies page on Google+ for all the details.

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