Chasing the phantom dragon…

Apr 9, 2012
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Today, I discovered things were broken. Namely, the Treasure Book on Demand’s PDF generation system. The output was run together without a single space in between words. So I began to chase the bug.

In the process, I overwrote code that took hours to create. Test after test after test, couldn’t repeat the problem in a standalone environment. Strange? I thought so. So I battled further. I broke things that were previously functional. Then trashed even more functional code.

The dragon? Bug in the browser. I didn’t have to touch a thing. #)$*#$ idiot. Backup? Yeah, source control. Checked in? Of course not. Battle. Rage. Recreate. ##)*$!@#.

Solution? Backup of a backup.

Now, what the hell was I planning to do tonight? Doesn’t matter, I cannot get there from here…

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