A Little Star Frontiers

Apr 6, 2012
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Wednesday is turning into game night. Last week, I played a session of Labyrinth Lord set in Middle Earth via Hangout on G+. This week, the game was Star Frontiers run by Larry Moore again on G+. Up until Wednesday, I’d never played nor run in a Star Frontiers game. At least I cannot recall any game. I do recall looking at the game on several occasions back in the 1980’s and 1990’s but never pulled the trigger.

Larry was kind enough to pre-generate a character for me prior to the session. The PC had a few holes to fill in which I worked through prior to the game and then went through final tweaks with Larry in the Hangout prior to the game. My character was a human smuggler named Euric Cals. I figured human was an easy route to take not being familiar with the system. Turns out, it probably wouldn’t have mattered considering Larry’s great depth of knowledge and easy going explanations.

The session had a couple of people drop out beforehand so was only myself and William who played a human scout named Bart. Bart and Euric hit it off. Being stuck without a jobs and a serious need for income, the pair wandered into animal recovery job in the local zoo. The definition of animal is used loosely. Alien wildlife is dangerous. Just ask Bart.

The session had a couple of minor technical hiccups. I honestly cannot explain how one machine can suddenly fail to recognize the network link it was using but a replacement used it just fine. Very, very odd. Crazy damn computers for the win.

Larry had multiple maps ready to share for the game, which were relayed via Google Docs with links in the Hangout. They included character counters we could move around the map during our actions. Doing so provided everyone a clear visual picture of the situation at hand. Were they absolutely necessary? Probably not. They certainly added to the experience and made the game flow a bit quicker.

Euric and Bart ended up entering into a new job with an eccentric fellow named Doc. No word when or if the game will continue but if it does, I’ll gladly play again.

Next Wednesday, the LL game is supposed to continue. Looking forward to it.

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