Zombification on the Cheap

Mar 12, 2012
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Google+ has a great number of RPG folk on it. In turn, those cool people know more cool people. That’s how I stumbled onto Bryon Rempel and his 1000 Zombies project. Byron is offering to convert pretty much anything into a zombie for a $10 donation.

Byron is drawing each and every one of the 1000 zombies. Getting yourself transformed is quite simple… Here’s the process in his own words from his latest interview.

BR: There are not very many steps to getting zombified. Step 1 – the funding… a minimum donation of $10 lets you get someone or something zombified, either yourself, your pet, your family, coworker or boss, or anyone else you want to see join the walking dead. The donation can be made via PayPal (idrawzombies@hotmail.com) or you can contact me to get my mailing address and mail out a money order.

2nd step – send me a picture of the future victim, and let me know if I should go all out or keep the gore to a minimum. You can even suggest colours or backgrounds. I might not follow all the suggestions, but it never hurts to have your input. This is a publicly funded and directed art project after all.

Step 3 – the waiting game… you’ll get your turn, but in order. So if you are number 543 in the list, you get your zombie when number 542 is finished.

You can find Byron on Google+ or at idrawzombies.com. Why are you still reading this? Get your zombie on. I have 3 people in Byron’s queue. When they hit completion, I’ll be sure to post up the results.

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