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Things May Break

Dec 15, 2011
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Tweaking on theme for an enhancement. By its nature its intrusive and probably should be done on a development site. I’m lazy and not going to set one up.

Things I’ve broken:


Apparently if you want to add new templates under WordPress v3.3, you have to deactivate and reactive the desired them. The unintended consequences is that the menus were lost. Along with other settings. Bleah.

Fix: Re-select the default menu under Appearance/Menus. That was easy.

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Marginal Success: Sortable List of Labyrinth Lord Modules

Dec 14, 2011

My plans are generally better in theory than in reality. Still, I managed to make a sortable table of Labyrinth Lord Modules happen. It’s a test page.

The user-experience is limited. Nothing indicates the table elements are sortable but if you take the time to click on the table headers, it does actually sort. At least it does via my limited testing.

Go poke it in the eye. Tell me how it fails. You can even gripe about the lack of sortability indication. I’ll get there but my skills are limited. One step at a time. Until I fall off the edge of the earth.

Good thing Grandma couldn’t hear me talking tonight. The swear jar would be quite full.

Zombies don’t have a morale check.

Dec 11, 2011

Zombies don’t feel. Why is that fact important? Modern weaponry is predominately designed to instil fear into a population. Most of the United State’s current weaponry has been developed to deliver a pinpoint attack with minimal peripheral damage. Smart bombs destroy confined targets as designated by GPS and laser designation.

The arsenal does have weapons delivering wide scale destruction. Those don’t matter. The stockpile of weapons can never be enough when the force to be countered lacks a survival instinct. Shock and awe are great buzzwords when fighting a population who can be scared into not responding. Zombies don’t care. So ninety percent of a group is killed? The other 10% keep marching forward intent upon feasting on the deliciousness of their kin.

Undead hold no concept of civilization or human constraints. Bombs can rend them along with an orphanage. Humans will shudder at the loss of the children. Zombies will march along blissfully unaware. Unless a succulent toddler is detected. The survivors will break upon the rocks of their own atrocities.

As survivors pile up the death toll outside a walled bastion, the zombies will keep marching forward. The dead zombies are nothing, were nothing to them. Feet atop exploded heads, the ghouls will march forward. The dead are nothing more than ground to walk upon. Ribs, femurs and skulls are a conveniently provided ladder toward the ultimate goal.

Before, AFTER: Ponderings of a ROTWORLD Campagin

Dec 11, 2011
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Humans once split time into two domains: B.C. and A.D. Sticking with history, we have again split time. Now we simple refer to Before or After. Exactly when Before stopped and After began depends on where you were when the dead started standing up. The outbreak was logarithmic. It started slow but within six or seven months it had circled the planet. Somewhere in that short span, After began for those who have survived.

The last shortwave news broadcast was over a month ago. News is a stretch. Mostly the man was repeating what he’d heard from others. Someone mentioned at least 5 billion souls had fallen. Over half of them had risen from death. Before, there were around 7 billion humans on Earth. Two billion humans versus 2.5 billion or more undead. Not good odds.

The United States was hit hard. Before, people lived in densely packed urban zones in temperate regions. Zombies thrive in regions where people cannot escape quickly. Like humans, they seem to prefer moderate temperatures. Those trapped in the metropolises of Before have long expired only to be reborn into a menace for the rest of us. Of the 300 million souls in the U.S., less than 10% remain. Likely far less.

The majority of the survivors were in the central regions and Alaska. States like Montana, Wyoming and others with small populations and large areas were less effected. Other areas with few large cities have had far fewer causalities. Suffice to say those who were mobile, more prepared for hardship, and willing to make unconscionable decisions are easier to find today. Those who chose to live in cities, had little food and water available, and were not prepared to exist without modern conveniences are now a minority. Survival requires grit. Being prepared and being capable of a bit of everything helps.

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Dungeonstone – 3D Dungeon Terrain

Dec 8, 2011

If I were playing regularly using miniatures, the three dimensional dungeon terrain from Dungeonstone would be awesome. The product isn’t something I’d use exclusively. However, using it for encounters which require additional detail could transform the experience beyond mere words. The terrain pieces use a 25mm scale of 5 feet = 1 inch.

Of course, the fine folk over at Dungeonstone have a holiday special: the basic set, the crypt, one 6”x6” floor tile and two 4”x4” floor tiles for $60.00.

Dungeonstone Holiday Special

Beyond the holiday special, they offer four different sets, 13 accessories and even a skull gate complete with portcullis. You can even purchase hand painted variants of some of the sets.

Cool stuff. Check it out.

Oh my, I’m headed to prison

Dec 7, 2011
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Back in June, I posted a commentary on FM 999-3 Counter Zombie Operations at the Fire Team Level. The field manual is a humorous take on procedures for an army fire team dealing with a zombie outbreak. Other than the cover, the work is obviously not a real field manual.

Today, I was informed not once but twice that I was violating federal law and was going to go to jail. No, not jail, I’m apparently heading to the Federal Pen. At least according to this fellow.

The first contact was a comment on the original article by dead man walking. The moniker makes me wonder if he isn’t one of the undead trying to thwart the distribution of the manual. Probably not, but he does have his underwear in a knot.

It was listed that a hard copy of FM-999-3 was available on this site. Obviously another lie. Production of any manual that “looks” authentic still is punishable by Federal law. That means 10-20 in prison for you morons who think this is all some game. You can not print anything that is marked as being from any Department of the Military without prior approval.. I work for the Army and have informed my superipors of this print and they will follow-up with proper recourse action.

Apparently I lied before lying. Very confusing. There is a quoted link to a hard-copy distribution site from the manual. However, it doesn’t lead to any location that distributes a dead tree variant. I’m unsure about the original fib. I suspect he was easily fooled and thought the work was more than it appeared. Humor is a dangerous beast. Hopefully his superipors [sic] possess a sense of humor.

This fellow has time on his hands. Posting the comment was not the end. He also hit my contact page and delivered an email. Again, he was dead man walking with an email address of widow.maker54@. After some thought, I discarded the notion he was the 54th zombie that only attacks married men. I want to believe he has strange predilections but based on all the lore I cannot comprehend the undead filling out a contact form. Yep, I’m slow on the uptake because he probably couldn’t post a comment either if he were dead. Unless he is one of those oddball smart zombies. Could be. More threats were delivered in the contact email:

All who are responsible for production of the FM-999-3 will and can be punished by Federal laws. It is NOT permissible to print ANY form of Military/Government manual/writings without the prior approval from that Department. Anything produced can be punishable by Federal Law. What you think it’s a”hoot” to do this? And it’s alright to make anything for a laugh? Well when you are sitting in a prison cell I’d like to see who is laughing then.

Federal Pen. Check. Not permissible. Check. Underwear wrapped around his left testicle cutting off brain cells. Check. Obviously he can read because he referenced the word hoot. I used it in the post. (Sadly, this is another strike against him being undead.) Reading doesn’t equate to comprehension. I want to respond to the email. First I need to work through all his points.

All who are responsible for production of the FM-999-3 will and can be punished by Federal laws.

Response: You need to reread what I posted. I’m not responsible for the production of FM-999-3. Why would I provide a bunch of links that don’t generate traffic to my site? The inter-tubes have this cool utility to check ownership of domains. Not to mention, if I were that witty, I would have stated ownership. I didn’t.

It is NOT permissible to print ANY form of Military/Government manual/writings without the prior approval from that Department.

Gotcha. I’m certain the original authors didn’t print it. Or claim it was a Military/Government manual. Sorry, widow.maker54, you cannot even get a copy of it here. It’s not mine (see above).

Anything produced can be punishable by Federal Law.

Check. You covered that in the first sentence. Are you sure you aren’t undead? Wait, maybe you work in the Department of Redundancy Department. They have cool t-shirts. You can buy nice knock-offs far cheaper. Wait, I got off track.

What you think it’s a”hoot” to do this?

Yes. Congrats on using the word hoot. Hoot is a difficult word to work into written materials. Very uncommon in conversation. Except when you are discussing owls.

And it’s alright to make anything for a laugh?

Not anything. Multiple subjects are off limits. I could not cross the line to mock the carnal sex lives of vampires. Unless they bother to fill out the contact form telling me its okay. I might wet myself if they do. However, dead but-not-undead man who walks, I did not make anything to make people laugh. You’ll have to track down the guy who wrote it. (See above).

Well when you are sitting in a prison cell I’d like to see who is laughing then.

So you are going to come visit? Shouldn’t we start as pen pals first? Having never been in prison, I think we need to work through the bureaucracy of visitation rules first. If you think I’m going to approve you for conjugal visits, you need to pull back on the reins. I’m not that easy.

I do wish you luck in sending your superiors (turns out you spelled that wrong) after me. I’m going to go mate with a friendly succubus. She promised she would visit me in prison.

I look forward to corresponding with you further. You may want to adopt a different moniker. Dead Man Walking makes you sound incarcerated for horrible crimes like pointing to satirical works. Not to mention widow.maker54. If you are looking for impact, being #54 doesn’t cut it. You seem like a low-level assassin whose about to get his ass kicked. The use of a hotmail address was top-notch. Nothing portrays authority more than a free email service.

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I could make a buck off this…

Dec 7, 2011
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Back when I was hammering through the details of the Labyrinth Lord™ Treasure book on Demand, I admit to thinking I could actually make a buck or two. The thoughts were sporadic: Get a a nice cover. Clean up the formatting (way, way easier in an editor). Toss it up on a site and see what bites. As I beat through the demon spawned bugs in the code, I was increasingly less interested in commercializing the results.

Why? My creativity was finished when the code was complete. I enjoy the process of creating software that is useful. The end results made me proud. I didn’t want to spend time editing, fixing, and adjusting layouts. The on-the-fly creation was good enough even if it could be improved. I’m not an editor or layout guy. Just a coder.

Stray thoughts of commercialization/monetization still cross my mind. The treasure book of the day would likely sell as a product. Probably not in any volume but people who’ve never heard of it would be willing to pay a buck or two. My thoughts on commercialization might need adjustment.

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