Floor Plan Friday: Oversized Garage

Dec 23, 2011

Tinkering with Inkscape. Simple floor plan of a large detached garage. Pondering a few floor plans in the new year.

Full Size

If you were to scavenge, you might find:

  1. Mechanics Tools
  2. 7 Gallons of Kerosene
  3. Honda Accord
  4. Boat, 19′, Fish and Ski
  5. 15 Boxes of 12 Gauge Skeet Ammo (375 Shells)
  6. 3 Radio Controlled Helicopters and Parts
  7. Refrigerator with 1.3 cases of beer and two dozen bait worms
  8. Snow blower
  9. High Octane, Leaded Racing Gas, 13 gallons
  10. Motorcycle, Honda Valkyrie
  11. Oil, Lubricants, and maintenance items
  12. Pneumatic Air Nailer and Builder Supplies
  13. 1 KW Generator
  14. 27 empty 22 ounce bottles
  15. Four year old laptop
  16. Large Cabin Style Tent w/ Broken Pole
  17. Dashboard Style 12V Solar Charger
  18. Two Propane Cylinders, 15 lb. Partially Full
  19. Homemade Beer Brewing Table, w/ 3 Burners (LPG)
  20. Resin Skull, with motion activated glowing eyes

[Wordpress thwarts me. No SVG support. Then images that go from large to small, to original. Meh.]

Twenty Eleven Recap – #8 Eight Labyrinth Lords A Leaping

Dec 23, 2011
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Okay, okay, they aren’t leaping. They are generating random stuff.

9 months elapsed for the site. 8 different Labyrinth Lord based generators. I’ve exhausted my ideas for new ones for the system but continue to improve them. Rather than list them yet again, you can check the Generator & Utility Menu or read a description of what is available. (The latter didn’t link the Treasure Book of the Day — updated daily).

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