Twenty Eleven Recap: #9 – Ninefold Increase in Visitors

Dec 22, 2011
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Nine months ago, I launched Mithril and Mages to alleviate traffic hitting my soda straw home network connection. Traffic was sparse at first but has increased month after month. The first few months had less than 20 page views a day. Now, the daily average for December is slightly under 200.

The majority of the visitors are to the utility and random generator pages. Roughly a third of them visit more than one page per visit. I’m quite happy with those numbers at the end of my inaugural calendar year. Based on the trend, 2012 should continue the upward curve.

The numbers could have been better if I had spent even a token amount of time on promoting the site. Self promotion isn’t in my nature. I let word of mouth and the search engines do the work for me.

Thanks to all 11,000 visitors over the last 9 months. Without you, I wouldn’t be energized to continue. The continuous up-tick in traffic motivates me.

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