Looking Deeper: Haphazard Branding

Dec 21, 2011
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As part of the 2011 recap series, I have spent a lot of time looking at various statistics for the site. I’ve stared at graphs, charts, and tables multiple times trying to discern exactly what has been popular, when and why. Buried below the popular, hidden between the visits, something cool was lurking. Mithril and Mages has shifted from a complete unknown and became a queried resource. The name has become a brand.

As I’ve mentioned several times, the bulk of my traffic is search engine driven. I try to take a look at web stats once a week. Generally, I only look at the top-tier of pages, searches, and affiliated information. What escaped me, until now, was that people were actually searching for the site.

Search terms like ‘mithril mage’ (I need a picture of that), ‘mithril mages’, ‘mithril and mages’ , ‘mithril mages medieval’, etc. are interspersed in the results. Along with queries using the full site name and even specific utilities.

Granted, the numbers are not huge. Having the term actually be a search keyword means I did things correctly: Produced something worth visiting again and having a site moniker people remember.

Realizing it made my night.

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Twenty Eleven Recap: #10 – Fine Five Referring Sites

Dec 21, 2011
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Everyone likes page views and visitors. I especially enjoy when something I’ve generated is sufficiently useful to be worthy of a link. I would be amiss to not mention them. Thanks to everyone who added a link to what I produced, wrote, or aggregated.

goblinoidgames.com’s forums

Sure, most of the traffic was via my own posts. The utilities were deemed worthy enough to be stickied forum topics.


KORPG was where I previously wrote random thoughts. Kevin’s site still sends traffic my direction week after week. Thanks, Kevin.


The fine folk of the RPGBA are #3 on the referral list. I joined a few weeks after launching M&M. I’m proud to be a minor member of the fine community.


One mention resulted in my top blog post for the year. How cool is that?


My utilities got mentioned a couple of times. When they do, I get a spike in traffic. Excellent discussion of the Original Edition rules along with other topics.

Thanks to everyone else who mentioned my site in 2011. Without the vote of confidence, Mithril and Mages would not be what it is today.

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