Less is More

Dec 18, 2011
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A common complaint about the original list of resources for Labyrinth Lord was it was presented as a wall of text. The list went on and on. The layout didn’t make it easy to find specific items and was difficult to just browse through.

The list was broken into individual pages with specific categories of links a while back. Doing so helped but the list of modules was still huge. To rectify the situation, I rolled out a page layout without the sidebar, which allows for significantly more screen real-estate. I then migrated the module information into a simple table with brief descriptions. Adding sorting capability improved navigation so readers could quickly drill down to elements of interest.

The initial descriptions were very terse; they did not provide enough detail. Still, inserting the original verbosity was not a good solution. Ideally, full descriptions should be available but hidden unless desired.

Enter jQuery and More/Less hidden element expansion. Getting it working was a challenge. Use inside of WordPress is slightly different than on static pages. After a while of struggling, the final solution was a trivial bit of javascript. The new format for the Labyrinth Lord Module List is a significant improvement.


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