Fantasy Inn/Tavern Name Generator

Oct 18, 2011

Ahh, inspiration. The Almighty DM and Digital Orc prompted me to work on inn/tavern names. I was going to contribute back to the Digital Orc’s open document. I failed to get my data organized prior to it being closed for editing.

My first cut, the Inn and Tavern Name Generator leans toward Digital Orc’s style. I did categorize and expand upon The Almighty GM’s system but have not yet coded the individual elements.

Instead, I ended up with adjectives (166) and nouns (524). Toss them together, muck around a bit and a reasonable output spews forth. The names are chaotic. Aren’t all random generators?

However, I do not like the distribution. I have to tweak the system again. Realism is missing. I cannot put my finger on exactly what I dislike. The distribution is skewed in my opinion.

I’m counting on others to point out the obvious flaws I cannot see.