Wish You Were Here

Sep 30, 2011

I’m kicking back in the dormitory at the Mount Evans field station. I haven’t been up here since last May. Here it is nearly October and the temperature almost hit 70 degrees. Pretty warm for 10,000 feet. The aspen have really begun to turn. The drive up was beautiful. Brilliant yellows, golds, and shades of red explode against the deep green backdrop of the surrounding conifers. I was going to stop to take pictures but will get some better views tomorrow or Sunday. The road is still open up to Summit Lake. Usually it closes directly after labor day. Only the highest elevations have been dusted with snow. If I were energetic, I could hike to the summit. Unlikely to happen this weekend but I do plan on hitting some of the lower trails. Work off a little of my excess belly.

North of the Entry Gate

The silence is almost palpable compared to the bellows of humanity in the city. I’m alone until tomorrow evening when I’ll be joined by my brother’s family. Two kids will eliminate the quiet but it will be fun to have them running amok in the woods. I wonder how many rocks, sticks, and other items my nephew will insist he needs to take home. Probably more than my brother will allow. I was hoping to hear elk bugling since they should still be in rut. Nothing so far. They are likely further away due to the traffic on the summit road.

The Mega Table

I brought a few things to keep me busy. I am working on a leather project, which I’ll post about at a later point. You can spy it in the picture above. I also brought along a four different books to work on a couple of RPG projects. One is the expansion of a couple of the short adventures I wrote for the September of Short Adventures as I mentioned previously. The second is to tweak some random generator code to allow a new data set.

A third project popped up just before I left town. I was asked to review a new eBook of short stories by the author. After minor confusion, it arrived on my Kindle. I have read several of the stories while kicked back next to the fire. The first few were pretty short. A great mix of satire and humor — right up my alley.

I do see a few artifacts from last spring’s Gaming Weekend. A few bits of the firewood I brought along are still in the stack. Although the supply of wood is nearly gone. If we return, for a long weekend I’ll have to procure some to keep the leg hair braider warm. Speaking of that, the back bathroom rug has an odd color on one corner. And some strange spots still dot the bottom of the shower walls. I wonder what that could be?

I survived the September of Short Adventures

Sep 30, 2011

I Survived - Thank you Moustache Dragon

Asshat Paladin’s A September of Short Adventures

SoSA was challenging but a good time. I’m not overly impressed with a few of my entries. Time slipped a way occasionally and I had to hammer out an idea quickly to make the post rate. Some of those “quickies” also became cool ideas I’d like to explore further.

/Matt has posted a list of entries by blog you might find helpful and plans to add a list by system as well. With the dawning of October, I can take some time to read through all of the excellent contributions.

My Entries

  1. Horse Thief: A Boot Hill Adventure set in Colorado Territory
  2. Besieged: A Zombie D6 Scenario set in Meadows Sanctuary
  3. Daring Heist: A Boot Hill Adventure set in Colorado Territory
  4. Death Gift: A Labyrinth Lord Adventure
  5. Down for the Count: A Short Labyrinth Lord Adventure
  6. Derailed: A Boot Hill Short Adventure
  7. Rumblings of Pinnacle Peak: A Labyrinth Lord Adventure
  8. Fly Trap: A Short Top Secret/Systemless Adventure
  9. Stepping Stones: A Short Labyrinth Lord Adventure
  10. KP Duty in the Dungeon: A Short Labyrinth Lord Adventure
  11. Parasitic Horror: A Labyrinth Lord Short Adventure
  12. Crooked Creek Tomes and Scrolls: A Short Labyrinth Lord Adventure
  13. Fouled Fountains: A Short Labyrinth Lord Adventure
  14. The Banshee of Beacon Hill: A Short Labyrinth Lord Adventure
  15. You Aren’t If You Are Eaten: A Weird West Adventure
  16. Swindler Soapy Smith: A Boot Hill Adventure in Colorado Territory
  17. A Dispute over Spirits: A Short Boot Hill Adventure
  18. The Good Ole Boy: A Systemless Short Adventure
  19. Here Be the Goblins – A Lair Level Encounter for Labyrinth Lord
  20. The Petrified Man – A “Soapy” Smith Adventure for Boot Hill
  21. Boar Bounty: A Labyrinth Lord Adventure set in Korton Forest
  22. Silence on Deck: A Labyrinth Lord Short Adventure
  23. Drop the Hammer: A Modern Adventure for Survival Style Games
  24. One Eye’s Wine: A Labyrinth Lord Short Adventure
  25. Caution – Danger Ahead: A Labyrinth Lord Short Adventure