Caution – Danger Ahead: A Labyrinth Lord Short Adventure

Sep 29, 2011
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Get Ready

As the party works through a labyrinth they spy an unmoving elf standing a few feet outside of a closed door. The elf does not even twitch nor will he again.

Get Set

The elf has been turned to stone. His pose indicates he was just about to enter the doorway. One arm extends forward and the opposite leg hints at being raised. The eyes are wide open as if astonished by what he saw. Around his waist, chip marks are evident as if something was removed from his body. In addition to the petrified elf, a single word has been chiselled into the wall in the dwarven tongue – ‘Danger’.

A sharp odour of acid wafts in the air within a few feet of the close door. The odour is not overwhelming. Easily detectable, it is more dominant within a foot of the doorway. Anyone moving in front of the statue near the door will get a whiff.

The door is bound iron. Rust lines all the outer edges and fades gradually toward the center. The rust has cut deeply into edges of the door and the hinges. The middle of doorway is covered by light surface rust.


Should the party decide to ignore the warnings, the door is stuck closed due to the rust. Opening it will require a strength of 15 or more to pry it open a few inches after which multiple characters can combine their strength to open it completely. The hinges of the door will squeak loudly as it initially opened alerting the occupants. The sharp acidic odor expands as the door is opened.

Four basilisks lie in wait staring at the door as it is opened (if they are alerted by the squeals of the hinges). They rest atop a platform 3 feet above the entry floor. In addition to the basilisks, yellow mold colonies have covered the walls on both sides of the door. A newer colony has begun to spread to the right of the door along the floor. The yellow mold cannot directly attack but is generally fed by startled adventurers turning to run and hitting the walls as they attempt to exit.

Notable NPCs

Basilisk (4) [AL N, MV 60’ (20’), AC 4, HD 6+1, #AT 2 (bite, gaze), DM 1d10/petrify), THAC0: 13, SV F6, ML 9, XP 570, LL 63, HC XVII] Total XP: 2280. HP: 28, 33, 22, 34.

Treasure: GP: 4000, Gems : 20 – Total Value: 4345 gp., Magic: Feather Token, Scroll: Treasure Map (Value 2 magic items), Armor –1 (cursed), , Potion of Plant Control, Scroll: Ward against Undead

Yellow Mold (3) [AL N, MV 0, AC NA, HD 2, #AT Spores, DM 1d6 + special, THAC0: 18, SV F2, ML NA, XP 38, LL 103, HC None] Total XP: 114. HP: 6, 5, 11.

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