One Eye’s Wine: A Labyrinth Lord Short Adventure

Sep 28, 2011
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Get Ready

The party is hired to retrieve a load of highly prized win from the legendary One Eye Vineyard. The vineyard is located within a series of steep, rugged hills a few days journey away.

Get Set

The vintners of the One Eye Vineyard are 3 cyclops — a male, female and younger son. Known only as One Eye, Bihar, the male, handles all public transactions while his wife and son generally handle all the brewing related tasks. Amyon, the son, is responsible for the rising fame of the winery due to his brewing talent. The matriarch of the family, Imeyna, oversees all the details of the operation and coordinates delivery of supplies and goods. She is the dominate force within the family — nothing happens without her approval. Bihar is always suspicious of new comers but is easily amused. He enjoys a good joke especially at the expense of elves.


The party are equipped with a cart and two mules to fetch four 10 gallon casks of the newly released vintage. The players are given permission to spend up to 100 gp per cask and have been given 40 pp to cover the transaction.

Upon nearing the winery, Bihar will greet the party when they are still 200′ from the winehouse. A large pile of rocks sit on either side of the double doors, which he will utilize as weapons if he feels the party is being deceptive. Since the party has not visited previously, Bihar is very suspicious of their intent. Shortly after he greets the party, he will be joined by his wife who steps out of the large double doors from the brewery.

The party must convince him of their intent to carry out an honest transaction. Perceptive individuals will note that Bihar occasionally glances at Imeyna, as if checking for her approval. If either of the cyclops feel threatened, they will be ordered to leave and not return. If the party persists or advances, both Bihar and Imeyna will lob rocks in front of the party as a warning. Neither wants to engage in conflict but will protect themselves if necessary.

Once the pair are convinced the party actually want to buy wine, they will invite them up to the winery. They will be invited into the front of the building into a tasting room and given samples along with a light meal. The building is built onto the face of the hill and quite obviously opens into a large tunnel, which descends deeper into the hillside. The tunnel has been expanded from but was a natural feature. The caverns below the building are used for storage and ageing of the wines.

As the party samples the wine and eats, Bihar will tell a few jokes mostly regarding the questionable heritage of elves. After they finish, he’ll get down to business unless distracted by other humorish tales. The price for the wine has gone up due to high demand. The price per cask is now 150 gp rather than the original 100. If careful in the negotiations, the party can get the price lowered to 120 gp/cask or opt to take a lesser vintage for two of the four casks. The vintage being sought is quite spectacular and worth the additional cost if the party is prepared to cover the extra cost from their own pockets.

Notable NPCs

Cyclops (3) [AL C, MV 90’ (30’), AC 5, HD 13, #AT 1, DM 3d10, THAC0: 10, SV F13, ML 9, XP 2,400, LL 69, HC XVII + 5,000 gp] HP: 70, 64, 46.

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