Drop the Hammer: A Modern Adventure for Survival Style Games

Sep 27, 2011

Get Ready

Behind every character is a player. Within that player is an inner child who still yearns to fulfil a dream. Drop the Hammer plays on the desire for every boy to own a legend.

Get Set

On the run and being harassed by the enemy, the characters are quickly running out of options. They need fuel for the ride they have been using which is barely serviceable and far from cool. Pressured and harassed, they are slowly being corralled. For now, they are ahead of the enemy but the lead becomes shorter with every passing minute.

This Isn't Cool

Exactly who chose to steal the Dodge Dart? Still open for debate. Sure, its a battle wagon. Good old American steel is more protective than the cheap bodies of modern vehicles. This Dart has issues. The front wheels roll in different directions and the brakes make you question if sticking your feet through the rusty floorboards Flintstone style might stop you quicker. Steering is like giving a suggestion to a half-loaded tanker headed toward a runaway truck ramp. Yeah, its a piece of shit.

The PC’s need fuel and a map shows a small local airport which should have av gas. Maybe high octane can propel the Dart to 60 mph faster than the normal 32 seconds. As they vector into the airport, the Dart is picked up by nearby unmanned aircraft.


The characters arrive at the airport with no immediate pursuit behind them. They aren’t being pressured. A fuel truck is nearby, containing several hundred gallons of av gas and a small tank of jet fuel. Unfortunately, everything is locked. The airport office likely holds the keys. Shooting inset locks off a tanker doesn’t seem like the brightest of ideas.

The airport has seven hangars in the immediate vicinity of the one with a rusty sign proclaiming it the ‘Office’. All of them contain planes; a couple are little more than the equivalent of strapping wings to the Dart. One is a spray plane outfit complete with chemical agents. The other planes are in good mechanical condition and easily flown…if anyone can fly.

This is Cool

The characters can easily gain access to any of the hangars if they resort to breaking and entering. Within the office, they will find the keys to fuel truck and a “loaner car” — a Chevy Citation parked just outside the office. In addition, they will find keys for the gas pumps located out near the taxi-way.

Should they decide to search through any of the hangars, one will contain a treasure. Under a tarp at the back of the hangar is a 1967 Camaro [insert car/bike that speaks to the inner child]. She’s not pretty. Missing a hood and the interior looks like a mouse colony. The drive train and suspension are immaculate. A little fuel and she’ll be ready to roll.

Whatever the vehicle you choose, it should be cool and speak to a part of the character or player. It may be bikes, trikes, or a massively outfitted off road truck. It should have cosmetic flaws but nothing mechanically wrong. Time to allow a bit of cool.

As the characters are just getting set to depart, the sound a helicopter breaks the silence of the night. Spotlights from ground vehicles slice through the darkness. What will the party do?

Notable NPCs

A whole lot of ground based goons and a helicopter.

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  • I LOVED this one!!!!!!!!! Even fat old men never really grow up! hehe

    • Fat old men are the only ones who can afford them….