Silence on Deck: A Labyrinth Lord Short Adventure

Sep 26, 2011
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Get Ready

A ship floats silently into the harbor directed only by the wind; her sail shredded into strips. Not sound other than lapping waves breaks the still of the moonlit night.

Get Set

The ship is a single masted cog bearing the name Kateryn proudly on her stern. Aside from the damage to the sail, the ship has no obvious damage. The breeze drives the ship aground on rocks on the outskirts of the harbor shortly before high tide.

As the sun rises, the ship is tilted to starboard. Her fore keel perched top the rocky point and her aft settled into the mud flat exposed by the low tide.

Rumors spread of disease, ghosts, looted treasure and sea monsters. The harbor master has ordered no one to approach the vessel until it can be inspected. His order deflects only the scrupulous. Others plot to recover whatever bounty the ship holds.


The PC’s may be hired to inspect the ship either by the harbor master or buy agents of the local thieves guild. The former is interested in determining if the ship holds any risk to the town while the latter want to acquire any easily gained loot if possible.

The Kateryn contains no cargo and few valuables. Only a few personal possessions are of value. The ship is well stocked with food, water and other necessities for a voyage of five weeks.

A series of glyphs forming a rough circle have been carved into the top deck in a small region. Several of them are obscured by what appears to have been localized, intense fires. Near the center of the circle, a small splatter of blood still stains the deck boards.

All evidence indicates the crew and passengers, if any, just disappeared instantly. A plate of uneaten food lies on the floor in the crew area. The tiller was set to a fixed position and bound into place. The sail looks like it was being lowered but never secured before it was ripped apart by the winds on the seas.

Perhaps the captain’s journal can be found and provide an explanation.

[Crew and passengers were drawn through an incomplete Gate spell. The mage, uncertain at best, was attacked by a superstitious crew member just as the gate was beginning to open. The cruft is left open.]

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