The Good Ole Boy: A Systemless Short Adventure

Sep 22, 2011
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Get Ready

Occasionally, people need a hand up or a hand out. People exist willing to help without ulterior motives such as The Good Ole Boy.

Get Set

Jebediah Jackson Thomas Short, III is seen as an eccentric hoarder with a heart of gold. Know one who has ever met him as walked away empty handed. He can always tell just what a person needs and when they need it. His knack isn’t generosity. He sees the needs of everyone he meets and can always find an item or knowledge to fill that need.

Jeb is neither young nor old. He’s perpetually in the middle. He can engage youngsters in conversation about the latest music or entertain grandmothers with a classical bit of piano playing. Standing 5′ 6″, Jeb is stocky but possesses athletic smoothness. He moves for a purpose and wastes no energy.

Jeb lives a few miles from the nearest town. His property spans 10 acres and is filled with outbuildings along with his small two bedroom house. A long driveway leading off the country road covers nearly a half mile before dropping into his property atop a picturesque canyon.


The PC’s are on the run from invading armies, aliens, zombies, pyroclastic mutant vomit beasts or anything really. As a group, they are in pretty good shape having avoided the worst situations possible. However, they are likely low on supplies of one form or another. They are passing through the countryside on the way to next goal without expecting to find aid in any form.

As they approach the drive toward Jeb’s home, they see a small force of the enemy proceeding toward his home. Although much of the countryside has been blanketed in darkness, a beacon of light shines nears the house at the end of the driveway.

The small scout party of the enemy is should be reasonably easy for the party to defeat. If they run into difficulty, Jeb and his buddy Gus will hear the noise of battle and aid the party.

After the short battle, Jeb will greet the PC’s. He’ll welcome them into his house and engage in conversation. He’s in the middle of packing up and heading out to avoid the enemy himself but will offer supplies and aid. As noted, he will pinpoint a crucial need the party has even if they do not ask for it directly. He’ll gladly supply it or information on where they can find it within the immediate area.

Although Jeb doesn’t rush the PC’s, he will continue to pack up for evacuation from his farm. His vehicle of choice is a beat up 1976 Dodge RV which already seems overloaded. He constantly walks between the house, an outbuilding and a cellar, hefting a box and tossing it into the RV. Still, he will always engage one PC or another as he moves along.

Gus “Gutshaker” Barnes, however, never appears to lift a finger. After the encounter is over, he sits down at the kitchen table except to fetch another beer. He’s open, gracious but has the manners of a billy goat in a five star restaurant. Gus’ supply of beer appears to be endless. He always has one in hand and one available to anyone with a free hand.

If Gus were displaced into a fantasy world, he’d be confused with a round dwarf. He’s short, thick, and possesses the “World’s Best Beer Belly” according to the t-shirt he wears that barely covers his own. His beard is over a foot long, matched only by his black hair pulled into a pony tail descending to his waist. Apparently his only concession to general grooming is his gleaming handle bar moustache.

Jeb will aid the party however he can and let them know where he’s headed. Near dawn, he’ll herd Gus into the RV. Before firing it up and heading out, he tips his hat to the party,

“Boys, we’ll see you in the spring.”

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