You Aren’t If You Are Eaten: A Weird West Adventure

Sep 19, 2011
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Get Ready

What’s that? A big ball of flame in the sky? Oh, crap, its going to hit us…

Get Set

“Welcome to Maysville, Colorado, 1882. Maysville is a scenic little town. Quite uptight, I’ll be honest. All order and god fearing until a ball of flaming hell fell next door.

I confess I was waffling on what I should do when the flaming ball hit on the edge of town. As the curious rushed out and then slowly came back, I reckon I figured it out pretty damn fast. Get the hell out. I’m a tad slow on the uptake most of the time. This was one of those times.

So here’s the story. Too bad one of them dime book hawking Yankees wasn’t around to write it proper. See, Preacher Bill went on, and on, and on every Sunday about the wrath of god if you weren’t righteous. He sure wasn’t if that was his God. He rushed out to see the ball after it hit along with Tom, Frank, Julio, a few others.

I was a bit tipsy on Old Rye. P’haps a bit more than a bit. So I wasn’t all that bothered at the crashing noise. I was concentrating on my hand of cards seeing as my last bit of dust was lying on the table. I figured the army was cannon testing. I reckon it was a bit late for them to fire a cannon and they hadn’t been through town in months.

Well, ole Bill came wanderin’ back into town. Except he wasn’t Bill n’more. He was nothing but walking bones an’ eyeballs. I swear on my momma’s grave. He tweren’t alone either. Might have been Tom or Frank. Cannot be certain since they were walking bones.” – Jed Reynolds


Nothing more than a meteor hits outside of Maysville. A simple bit of rock and metal except it is carrying another being — one designed to infect and invade any mobile species. The microbes are activated by the heat of the atmospheric entry. As the remnants of the meteor begin to cool, the microbes activate like spores from a disturbed mold by shooting into the air randomly.

The spores are hot molten rock that melts through the skin as it cools. The microbes go into a hyper production within the presence of flesh. They devour everything except bones, cartilage and eyes. Once the host is consumed, the microbes act as a minimal nervous system, sending the host toward any other living flesh with delicious proteins.

“My memory is a little fuzzy. I think I mussed my pants when I saw the first one. Then something cracked me on the head as I was headed by the billiards table. When I woke up there was one of those little fellas from the circus. Plus Sally. She made my eyes water. So purty. That damn little guy kept shouting so loud it made me head spin. Repeatedly said something along the lines of Gut The Quaker.

Whatever you do, fella, don’t be a visiting Maysville. Preacher man’s god is on a mission.”

Maysville, Colo, 1882

Notable NPCs

Flesh Eating Alien Microbes: Use the indigestible bits to form a walking carcass. Die within 5 days if no additional nutrients are available.

Get Weird West by Stuart Robertson if you don’t already have it.

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