The Banshee of Beacon Hill: A Short Labyrinth Lord Adventure

Sep 18, 2011

Get Ready

Death has arrived in Beacon Hill. Night after night, the village has been decimated by the siren song of death.

Get Set

Named after a small hill a half mile north of the town, Beacon Hill was settled as an army outpost. The hill was used as to raise alarms to other villagers during the elder wars. Now the hill has become the home of a Groaning Spirit (Banshee).

Once a beautiful elven matron, Laerwen Kianthir transformed during her brutal downfall into a banshee. Possessed with a hatred for all things living, she hunts only to kill. Disdaining beasts as unworthy, she strikes out against humanoids if given the opportunity. Beacon Hill is only the most recent target of her wrath.

The entire population has departed the village. Many have moved south to a clearing six miles away. Others have left the village permanently and spread the tale of terror as they travelled. The player party may have heard the rumors and been nearby or known people who lived in the area. Or they may arrive in the town from the north completely unaware of the situation only to find an abandoned village.


No matter the introduction, the party is begged to destroy the menace destroying Beacon Hill. She generally stays around the hill north of town during the day and sweeps outward to kill the living at night.

Laerwen can sense all living beings within five miles of her location. Additionally, she has a rough sense of the power of the creatures and will avoid beings she cannot completely dominate. If she senses the party may be more powerful than she can kill, she will move around the area toward easier targets.

Due to her unnatural senses, she is difficult to surprise but also has a shimmering glow at night, which does not allow her to surprise opponents except very rarely. Should she run out of easier targets within range of her senses, she will confront the party but will seek to attack with advantage even if it is during the day.

She will use her fear ability to her advantage. Darting in to try to separate the party with the ability and quickly departing if unsuccessful. She will attempt to always be located in areas of strategic advantage when the party attempts to confront her.

Laerwen enjoys the strategic chess match as much as she enjoys dispatching the living to the pits of hell.

Notable NPCs

Laerwen Kianthir/Groaning Spirit (1) [AL CE, MV 150’ (50’), AC 0, HD 8, #AT 1, DM 1d8, THAC0: 12, SV F7, ML 10, XP 1,490, AEC 128, HC XXII] HP: 43.

Special Attack
Keening: (1/night) Creatures within 30′ must save vs. spells or die instantly.
Fear: (permanent) Anyone who sees the banshee must save vs. spells or be affected as the Fear spell.
Special Defense
Immunity to Sleep and Charm
(Optional) Immune to Hold magic.
(Optional) Immune to Cold and Electricity Magic
(Optional) Magic Resistance 50%
(Optional) +1 or better weapon to hit

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