Fouled Fountains: A Short Labyrinth Lord Adventure

Sep 17, 2011
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Get Ready

Two shallow fountains line opposite walls of this room. A foundation of smooth rock rises two feet from the floor. Arches of water spray across a pathway between the fountains.

Get Set

The room is dimly lit by lanterns placed at opposite ends of the room. The faint light illuminates dark water constantly in motion from jets of the opposing fountain. Occasionally a lighter, milky aspect appears briefly before being drawn down and sent across the path into the other fountain.

The arcing jets of water peak eight feet above the floor. Characters can easily pass along the path without getting wet.


Each fountain is inhabited by a crystal ooze. They pass back and forth between the fountains along the jetting water, making them difficult to detect. An opportunistic scavenger, the ooze will drop out of the spray onto a target using its paralysing poison to fetch its next meal.

Notable NPCs

Crystal Ooze (2) [AL N, MV 10’, AC 8, HD 4, #AT 1, DM 4d4, THAC0: 17, SV F4, ML 10, XP 80, ADD2E 278, HC None, Special Attack: Poison, Special Defense: See Below] HP: 19, 24.

Crystal ooze is a variety of gray ooze which has adapted to living in water. It is 75% invisible when immersed. It is translucent, mostly clear, with an occasional milky white swirl in its substance.

Crystal ooze strikes like a snake and then attempts to flow over the victim to exude its poison. Unlike the gray ooze, the crystal ooze does not corrode metal but its poisons attack wood, flesh, cloth, and other organic substances. Unless a victim saves vs. Poison, he will be paralyzed and will be consumed by the ooze.

Crystal ooze cannot be harmed by acide, cold, heat or fire attacks. Blows from weapons inflict only 1 point of damage. Wooden weapons will be destroyed 50% of the time if they successfully hit the ooze.

The crystal ooze is a scavengers that leave metal and stone objects in their wake. Incidental treasure may occasionally be found in and around the water they inhabit.

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