KP Duty in the Dungeon: A Short Labyrinth Lord Adventure

Sep 14, 2011
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Get Ready

Stalking down the corridor of dark, cool dungeon, the walls and floor are unnaturally free of the fungus and molds, which normally fill the cracks and crevices. Ahead, the sounds of guttural conversation can be heard along with the occasional flicker from an open flame.

Get Set

A group of five goblins have been pressed into service to clean the dungeon corridors. The goblins are travelling in the same direction as the character party allowing the PC’s to approach from the rear. The goblins are marching with two at the front and 3 behind. The two leading the group are holding torches angled directly in front of them. Of the three at the back, one holds a torch aloft and one other is carrying a bundle of additional torches.


The lead goblins are using the torches to push a Gelatinous Cube down the corridor. The others are busying discussing something between themselves and linger 10-15 feet behind the leaders. In the flickering torchlight, the cube is extremely difficult to see since no non-organic materials are contained within it.

The goblins can easily be surprised. If attacked, all of the goblins will attempt to face the party. If pressed, they will try to escape through the party rather than trying to move through the cube. Once the flaming torches are no longer behind it, the cube may (50% chance) change directions and slowly move into the midst of the combat.

Notable NPCs

Gelatinous Cube (1) [AL N, MV 60’ (20’), AC 8, HD 4, #AT 1, DM 2d4/special, THAC0: 16, SV F2, ML 12, XP 245, LL 76, HC VII] Total XP: 245. HP: 20.

Goblin (5) [AL C, MV 60’ (20’), AC 6, HD 1 -1, #AT 1 (weapon), DM 1d6 or weapon, THAC0: 19, SV 0 human, ML 7, XP 5, LL 78, HC III] Total XP: 25. HP: 5, 6, 1, 7, 6.

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