Stepping Stones: A Short Labyrinth Lord Adventure

Sep 13, 2011

Get Ready

A calm pool of water separates the entrance of the cavern from the exit. The tops of four rocky outcroppings appear to be stepping stones across the pool.

Get Set

The tops of the outcroppings appear worn down from the feet of numerous crossings. The first is narrow and almost flat. The second rises nearly 2 feet above the waterline. A jagged section of rock on the left side appears ready to break away from the otherwise rounded lump near 3 feet across. The third stone barely rises above the surface. Any disturbance of the water will inundate it periodically from the waves. The cavern stretches nearly 60 feet long with the of water covering the nearly 30 feet near the entrance.

The fourth stone is split in two. One half rises nearly a foot above the top of the water and is wide and roughly hewn. A worn path is smoother than the rest of the stone. The other half is a newer stalagmite ending in a sharp point nearly three feet above the water. The two halves are separated by about 18 inches of water.


The stepping stones are Ropers. Imitating stepping stones has been a beneficial strategy adopted by the fourth stone long ago. The first, second, and third stones are offspring of the fourth. Number four is in last phase of reproducing again: splitting off a seed which will sink to the floor and grow into another roper.

The ropers have no need to breath and will wait for the optimal time to reveal themselves. The ropers are extremely intelligent and will wait for two party members to cross successfully to the far side. Additionally, ropers appear the same temperature as their surrounds and can mimic stone formations at will.

Once the 3rd person hits the 3rd stone, the ropers will attack by lashing out with rope-like strands up to 50′ and attempt to drag the prey into the water. The first and second ropers will attack any members waiting to cross. The 3rd stone will reach upwards and attack the individual crossing and anyone flying or levitating above the pool. The fourth stone will attack the two who have already crossed.

Beyond the normal attack, if the roper arm succeeds in attacking, the party member will be drug into water. A half force doors check will allow the PC to avoid being drug into the water. Once in the water, the PC will drown in 3d4 rounds if he cannot successfully escape the arm and avoids being killed by the roper’s biting attack. Breaking the hold will eliminate the thread of drowning.

Notable NPCs

Roper (4) [AL CE, MV 30’ (10’), AC 0, HD 10-12, #AT 1, DM 5d4, THAC0: 11/11/10, SV F10-12, ML 8, XP 2,400, AEC 135, HC Vx2] HP: 65 (11 HD) , 53 (10 HD) , 56 (10 HD), 72 (12 HD)

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