Fly Trap: A Short Top Secret/Systemless Adventure

Sep 12, 2011
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Get Ready

A junior U.S. Senator disappeared nearly three weeks ago. His body was finally found buried to his head in New Mexico, his home state. A week ago, a U.S. Federal Appeals Court Judge from the 10th circuit was run down in an apparent hit an run. Today, the chairwoman of the U.S. House of Representatives Energy and Commerce committee, Suzette “Suzy” Thompson, dropped dead while on her morning jog.

Get Set

Terrorism? The papers are rife with half baked theories. The truth is far more sinister.

The senator was Al Spencer, recently elected to the Senate. He was appointed as member of the Indian Affairs Committee. His staunch support of Native American rights was a factor in winning his Senate seat. A moderate Democrat, he was a staunch supporter of Native American rights and independence.

The Federal Judge was Lucas J. Gonzalez. Completely conservative, Gonzalez was both praised and reviled for his protection of individual rights and the restriction of government . Recently, he overturned the rights of the State of New Mexico to claim ownership via eminent domain of a small section of the Apache Reservation in north central New Mexico.

Thompson, a liberal and environmentalist had recently rose to the Chair of the Energy and Commerce Committee within the House. She greatly influenced the policy and affairs of a number of national agencies. Restrictions on the ability to obtain and continue extraction of natural resources were curtailed under her rule. Numerous corporations actively donated funds to stop her re-election but failed in the end in a tightly contested election.

Each and every individual had a significant, yet non-obvious, role in halting the opening of the proposed Jicarilla Open Pit mine by Modern Energy Solutions. MES has recently become a powerhouse in the energy and mineral extraction industry. MES is a privately held company owned by other companies. A myriad of business fronts protect and hide the primary owners – a triad of billionaires referred to only as the Mexican, Arrow, and GWN by the few who are knowledgeable of the true ownership

The Jicarrilla mine has the potential to produce trillions of dollars in copper, molybdenum, and rare earth minerals. Unfortunately, the mass of the riches lie within the Apache reservation. More difficult, the area is home to the Southwestern willow flycatcher and the New Mexican meadow jumping mouse; both protected under the Endangered Species act.

MES’s continued failures to influence policy and open the mine via normal channels sparked a more violent policy: eradication of the bottlenecks. Instituted through a militant protective services group, Specialized Security Solutions, based in Ecuador, MES has contracted a number of murder contracts to pave the way for the mine via more sympathetic actors. Specialized Security Solutions is another core holding of the MES founders


The PC’s are drawn into the plot through an outstanding favor or debt. A mid-level FBI operative, Olivia Hrivnatz, has uncovered clues tying the murders to MES but cannot produce proof. Her contacts are extensive and she is given access to the group to investigate and rectify the murderous nature of MES. The investigation is outside of normal operational channels.

The group should be able to uncover the initial layers of the organization and produce enough plausible evidence to induce media coverage and accusations. The evidence will be insufficient to prove culpability by MES but enough to tarnish the company’s reputation.

The true ownership of MES should not be exposed. Sufficient details can be exposed leading to a confusing array of ownership questions all tied to a few individuals. MES is not owned by the triad Rather, it is a highly sophisticated front designed to incriminate those individuals. The campaign against them is devious and extremely well planned.

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