Always Remember; Never Forget

Sep 10, 2011
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To each and every soldier in the field, I’m behind you. I appreciate what you do. The why can be debated by others. You are afield, that means more than anything. Heart. Soul.

Kick some ass and know America supports what you do. I leave it with this advert by Lockheed Martin….

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Rumblings of Pinnacle Peak: A Labyrinth Lord Adventure

Sep 10, 2011

Get Ready

Long nothing more than a peculiar rocky peak jutting from the landscape, Pinnacle Peak has come to life. The ground at the base of the formation trembles, jets of vapor erupt at random and the entire area is bathed in unnatural heat. A traveller passing near the peak claims to have seen a devil surrounded by flame standing in tunnel at the base of the peak.

Get Set

Agathla Peak

Volcanic Monolith (1)

The adventure should be placed near a small town or village. Pinnacle Peak is a volcanic monolith long dormant but recently active. Volcanic activity should be a mysterious force in the area. The underlying magma field that once formed the peak has again pushed toward the surface at the base of the monolith.

The trembles are small earthquakes as the pressure from the magma is forced upward. The gases are volcanic emissions — mostly steam but also a number of more toxic gases. The heat is merely a by-product of the underlying magma.

Pinnacle Peak is very unlikely to erupt. Rather the earth is just adjusting to shifting geologic pressure. The locals succumb to superstition, over-state religious implications, and derive all manner of causes and consequences. They are convinced the hand of a goddess is at play or an unholy portal has opened beneath the peak.


The player characters should arrive in the general area a week or more after the geologic activity begins. Everyone in the nearby village will have an opinion or a request. The villagers will be approaching near hysteria and near a complete societal breakdown.

Katelin Godard, a local elder, will implore the party to investigate the peak to defeat the demonic being below the peak. She is convinced Bacenor Delfs, a local cleric, has raised the ire of an elder god by starting a church devoted to a more recent sect. [I leave the selection of gods, goddesses, and religions open to fit the campaign.]

Delfs will also try to convince the party Godard is the source of the problem. She refuses to attend his church services and he’s spiteful. He claims she practices forbidden sorcery and has awoken a beast under the peak. He has hired a mercenary to plant evidence near the peak with possessions stolen from Godard’s home.

The reality is that nothing other than geologic forces have caused the problem. Earth motions and forces are a foreign concept and not accepted as an explanation. The warming of the region will draw heat loving creatures toward the peak. Several ancient lava tubes can be exposed by minor earthquakes to allow for exploration.

Notable NPCs

Delfs and Godard are the primary opposing forces. Both can be treated as low-level clerics. Sprinkle in additional villagers as you see fit to ramp up the hysteria and counter-claims.

Should the party choose to explore the peak, the major enemy is gas and heat. No creatures are present. Heat loving monsters may become an issue but thus far none has entered the area. [Feel free to toss in a token encounter if you wish.]

d12 Volcanic Gases
1-3 Light Steam – Harmless Water Vapor
4-6 Thick Steam with traces of Noxious Gas
7-9 Super Heated Steam (d12 damage/round)
10 Disorienting Gas
11 Debilitating Gas
12 Deadly Gas

Disorienting gases cause temporary issues lasting only a few minutes and dissipate quickly. Debilitating gas result in effects lasting hours and cause minor damage. Deadly gas can cause permanent injury and death. The gases are the same but the effect is based on the concentration present.

d6 Gas Description Effects
1 Carbon Dioxide Colorless, Odorless, Slight Acidic Taste Asphyxiant, Unconciousness, Convulsions & Death
2 Sulfur Dioxide Colorless, Distinct Odor (biting/lit match) Precursor to Sulfuric Acid. Breathing Difficulty. Attacks respiratory system.
3 Hydrochloride Biting, acidic tase and odor Hydrochloric Acid – Attacks eyes, skin, lungs, and intestines. Respiratory difficulties. Destroys corneas leading to blindness.
4 Hydrogen Flouride Colorless, Odorless Forms hydrofluoric acid on contact with tissue. Skin burns, lesions and destroys corneas leading to blindness.
5 Sulfuric Acid Vapor Colorless, Odorless when diffuse Extremely Corrosive. Attacks all mucous membrames. Corrodes most metals aggressively.
6 Hydrogen Sulfide Colorless, Poisonous, Flammable, Sharp Odor Smells of rotten eggs. Can be explosive when mixed with air. Irritates the respiratory system – burning of the eyes, nose and throat. Can lead to respiratory arrest.

(1): Aglatha Peak by Herzi Pinki; converted to black and white.