Down for the Count: A Short Labyrinth Lord Adventure

Sep 8, 2011

Get Ready

So you are stocking a dungeon and need something slightly interesting to add flavor but not dominate the story. Why not another adventuring party, beaten down but not all dead?

Get Set

Behind a locked door a group of adventurers lay dead, dying and injured. Lead deep into the dungeon by the overly confident Oggin, the party ran into a group of ghouls in a nearby room. Unprepared, they were quickly overcome but managed to pull back into a room they could defend.


Barricaded behind a large table and remnants of the other furnishings, Oggin and Emelada stand guard over their companions. Domentzia is obviously dead and Adei is on the brink of death. Naiara is crouched behind the table binding her wounds and will only join a fight if cornered with no chance of escape. Oggin and Emelada are both injured but functional.

The NPC’s are wary of any intrusion into the room but will not immediately engage the player character party. Instead, they will delay acting and try to convince the party to aid them. Emalada will request the party heal Adei and help them escape the dungeon. Oggin’s attitude is abrasive and he will argue against any demand for payment even at the expense of his fallen comrades. Naiara is badly injured. If healed, she will look to escape the confines of the dungeon immediately. None of the survivors can be convinced to venture further into the dungeon.

Should the PC’s willingly choose to aid the party, Emalada will offer a silver ring adorned with a sapphire (300 gp) and a ruby (75 gp) as payment. If they are unwilling or reluctant, she will refrain from offering payment until free from the confines of the dungeon. Naiara is not trustworthy. If she knows of additional healing withheld, she will watch for opportunity to steal potions or scrolls, use them, and make her escape. Oggin is the nephew of a local noble. He is too proud to reveal the fact but should the party help him escape, the noble will learn of their efforts and offer them a minor favor in the future.

If the party spends more than 15 minutes conversing or healing the party in the room, the remaining 5 Ghouls will arrive. If the door is locked or barred, they will remain just outside the room in the corridor for up to 2 days before departing in search for easier prey.

Notable NPCs

  • Oggin: Neutral Male Elf, Lvl: 3, Atr: (16/16/10/13/13/12) , AC: 5, HP: 17 5
    Equipment: Padded, Shield +1, Silver Dagger +2
    Personality: Insensitive, Mischievous
    Spellbook: First (2): Scribe, Charm Person, Dancing Lights, Comprehend Languages. Second (1): Rope Trick, False Gold.
  • Emelada: Lawful Female Magic-user, Lvl: 3, Atr: (13/16/7/7/18/13) , AC: 10, HP: 18 3
    Equipment: No Armor, Dagger,
    Personality: Quaint, Fussy, Brilliant
    Spellbook: First (2): Shield, Magic Missile, Mending, Ventriloquism. Second (1): Amnesia, Invisibility.
  • Domentzia: Neutral Female Halfling, Lvl: 2, Atr: (8/6/9/9/16/11) , AC: 3, HP: 12 Dead
    Equipment: Banded Mail, Shield, Short Sword, Light Hammer
    Personality: Weak-Willed, Sober
  • Adei: Chaotic Male Thief, Lvl: 3, Atr: (13/15/14/13/11/16) , AC: 7, HP: 12 0 (Dying)
    Equipment: Leather, Long Sword
    Personality: Unscrupulous, Jovial
  • Naiara: Chaotic Female Halfling, Lvl: 3, Atr: (11/10/11/12/13/12) , AC: 4, HP: 11 1
    Equipment: Splint Mail, Mace
    Personality: Macho, Disturbed, Poised
  • Ghoul (5) [AL C, MV 90’ (30’), AC 6, HD 2 (turn as 3 HD), #AT 3, DM 1d3/1d3/1d3 + paralysis, THAC0: 18, SV F2, ML 9, XP 47, LL 76, HC XXI] Total XP: 235. HP: 12, 6, 10, 14, 11.
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