Besieged: A Zombie D6 Scenario set in Meadows Sanctuary

Sep 2, 2011

Get Ready

Living in a gated community is peaceful, quiet and enjoyable. Right up until you are beset by a zombie infection and have chosen to rely on the thin walls and your suburban neighbors as a last line of defense.

Get Set

Ninety plus percent of the population are now zombies. Have been for several weeks. Rumor is that the latest government issued vaccination for the epidemic sweeping the world went awry. Not only did it not work but those who were vaccinated died but arose the next day. Now they are the dominant species. Worse still, a fraction of the newly undead retain shades of their former intelligence. They can form strategies and plot against the few tasty meat treats still living.

Too many movies prepared the PCs to repel slow, mindless zombies. Unfortunately, the undead are not cooperative. In fact, around ten percent of the newly undead retain moderate intelligence. A few of them seem to be very intelligent.

A cascade of decisions has lead the PCs to be trapped within the walls of a gated community – Meads Sanctuary. As far as communities go, the Meadows is a nice place to live. The 17 acre site is covered with custom homes, a central activity center featuring a pool and meeting space, and is surrounded by walls. Downside? The walls are cheap stone block without reinforcement. Three gates allow entry to the property on the east, west and south side.

The hoard of undead have exhausted the easy supply of Meat Treats. The hunger isn’t gone. They turn on the defended outpost of humanity.


The PC’s are trapped inside the gated community as the throng of zombies descend. They are not alone. Many of the PCs should have families inside as well. Additionally, the PCs are surrounded by survivors completely unprepared.

The scenario can be undertaken either immediately with limited supplies or allowing the characters to build up fortifications and weaponry. At most, the characters should have three or four days to plot the defense of the community and gather supplies.

The smart zombies recognize the Meat Treats inside. They cannot control the masses directly but can influence the hoard to descend upon the compound. Thousands of zombies will begin to surround the community and press to get in. Shooting the close ones will begin to form heaps of bodies the others can use to get over the 8 foot tall walls.

Notable NPCs

The Zombie Crew

Tillie France: Zombie Leader. Flutist. Heavy set, Ruddy Brown Skin, Average Human Intelligence.

Daryll Otney: Zombie Lieutenant. Design Engineer. Tall and skinny. A waif of a man. Inhuman blue skin. Minimal intelligence.

Trisha Rattana: Zombie Lieutenant (actual leader). Psychotherapist. Fit and short. Dressed in a ball room gown. Average human intelligence.

999 + 1 Others: Normal Zombies

Notable Humans

Heidi Japp. Yoga Instructor. Fit, Normal Build, Quiet but Influential.

Tim Davern: Botanist. Pot-belly, Arrogant, Coward.

Jeb "Flowers" Tompkins: Engineer. Slim, Always Hungry, Survivalist.

19 Others: Run of the mill city folk. Few possess skills useful in the new reality.

Get Zombie D6 or play it using your favorite system. Its system agnostic.