Chaos Monday – Could I, Should I….

Aug 29, 2011
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Yep, it’s one of those days. Chasing my tail between projects and pondering even more.

Let’s start with the osr Challenge – A September of Short Adventures from Asshat Paladins. Could I do it? Maybe. I fear my time is against me. Should I do it? Yes. Forcing myself into a deadline brings out the stress and I perform better under stress than I do when allowed to twiddle my thumbs. The decision is black or white. I might get into it and wander off on another project and fail. I could do it. I have no doubts. I’ve been pondering ideas for over a week. Failure isn’t really a problem but I hate to sign up and then shrug it off. I’m leaning toward giving it a go. I could be #10.

Project #2 arrived based on the suggestion of Michael, aka TheCrazyGM. Essentially, its another random generator but crazier and more detailed than I’ve done to date. Additionally, its esoteric and fun. That’s why it appealed to both of us. In all honestly, I’ve already begun the code but I fear I’ll disappear into the code and forget the OSR Challenge. The new generator has no fixed deadline other than my self induced desire to get it done. It can wait a while. Unfortunately, I started already and know I won’t be happy until at least a beta version is available.

Couple all that with 8 days of being on vacation in September. Time is limited….

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