Webstat Smackdown – Random Rules, Blog Loses

Aug 18, 2011
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Occasionally its fun to check out statistics for the various pages of a site. Barring my 2 month procrastination to get intelligent statistics setup, the results are revealing and contain a few small surprises. Coupled with failure to filter out my own results for a another month, I basically only have data for about 45 days.

The blog is a minor portion of the site. Direct hits to the blog page are the 6th most visited page. Not shocking since many visitors hit the individual posts and not the blog as a whole. Ninety-five percent of blog visitors never look at anything other than the front page. Aggregation of the individual pages into the overall blog results would move it upward slightly. Considering I tend to post mostly maintenance and announcement, the blog being buried by other content was expected.

The system agnostic utilities are #1 Modern Names, #5 Modern Occupations, #9 Medieval Names, and #10 Dice Roller. Weighting unique page views, the generic utilities have an 86% bounce rate. Lower than the blog. In terms of unique page views, they comprise 42% of the top ten results. The majority of the page views are driven by generic search traffic directly to the pages.

Anyone who has visited knows I spend a lot of time on Labyrinth Lord utility software. A niche within the gaming niche. Four utilities made the top ten: #2 Treasure Book, #3 Hoard Generation, #4 Monster Stat Block and #8 Spell Book. The weighted bounce rate is 58%. Far lower than other components. The numerous other utilities available for the system keep people on the site longer, as expected. Most of the page views come from referral links rather than search engines. I suspected the portability of the Treasure Book system would be popular compared to individual hoards generation. I was correct but not by any significant margin. Pre-generating nightly books has proven to be pointless. Less than 3% of Treasure Book visits resulted in alternative quick downloads of pre-generated books. As gamers, generation of your own is the equivalent to want to roll dice.

Rounding out the top 10 are direct hits to the site at #7. Sixty-eight percent of visitors bounce away immediately. Those who explore further are averaging over 2 minutes on the site. Pretty good, in my opinion.


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