(Labrinth Lord) Monster Stocker Updates

Aug 17, 2011
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Minimal tweaking today due to lack of time.

  1. Shifted Elves and Magic Users to actually generate full spell books rather than just the minimal memorized spells.
  2. Add a (Count) output per spell book level to indicate number of memorized spells per level for Elves & Mages
  3. Changed weapon generation to be a unique array so secondary weapons of the same type don’t get listed.
  4. Fixed a typo in the Level 2 tables, which caused orcs to appear more often than desired.

Beyond that I was searching around for a flexible mechanism for just allowing printing of the results section I could apply to multiple generators. I believe it would be far nicer to just be able to print or PDF those particular sections. Sort of like the print/pdf button featured on many blogs. I should really look at the code for that plugin. I suspect it will have limited CSS handling which is a major stumbling block. Having to redo layout for PDF vs. HTML is a pain.

All the updates are live.


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