Convergence is dead. Old Guys Gaming lives.

Aug 13, 2011

I like the phrase Old Guys Gaming far better than Convergence. Convergence implies a coming together on one subject or another. Convergence never came together easily. Dates were like herding cats. The player count never hit anything close to what we projected. The games played never met the expectation of the players who showed up.

Like many groups, players can be fickle. Life happens so trying to schedule a game is difficult. Trying to plan a semi-annual gathering became excruciating. I attempted to bail on the planning front last fall because it was so difficult. In the end, I became the focal point once again. When people step up to plan, then ignore the plan they put together, I have to question the planner.

On the gaming front, Convergence was a chance to play whatever everyone desired for at least a short while over a long weekend. The reality of our group, is that they are open to pretty much anything but expect to play something they enjoy. Bashing an experiment is not in style. Reading the group is expected. End result: we never converged on game systems. Instead, we played a lot of games which failed to engage the players. The result is predictable. Couple an idealist, three people who like to play what they know, and an occasional younger guy who runs what he knows, and you get a lot of confusion.

I will not call Convergence a failure. I had a lot of fun at all of them. Perhaps it failed as an experimental playground of gaming. Stories and familiarity of systems ruled the latter gatherings. When we gather, I’m completely open to player choices. Not system or style choices chosen for the group.

So Convergence will disappear.

Enter Old Guys Gaming. Alternatively, the Original Gaming Group if you consider only our group. The co-creator of Convergence didn’t spend much time gaming with us in our heyday and is frustrated with our current choices.

The first outing of the Old Guys Gaming group looks to be in the spring or summer of 2012. While planning for that gathering, I’m going to also attend VisionCon in February 2012. Just for fun. I might get one or more of the other guys to arrive. I may not. I have not doubt I’ll descend into an environment with people to play.