Show Me Your Dice Entry

Aug 4, 2011

Day late but if I wasn’t I’d be a few dollars short. Between work and a wonderful summer cold I didn’t get around to posting an entry for Tim of Gothbridge Manor’s Show Me Your Dice event. It was a cool idea so better late than never. I don’t have a massive collection. Beyond these, there are a couple of other sets floating around in various locations I didn’t bother to dig out.

Close Up

Storming the Castle

The idea prompted me to start cleaning off the poor castle, towers and walls, which has been buried in a corner for too many years. With the remodelling I have planned, they need to find a new home. Preferably with someone who can adorn them with cool miniatures.

Update: Here’s a pic of the rest of the castle parts. Four large towers, 8 walls, 9 small round towers and the larger castle.

Castle, Walls and Towers