FM 999-3 Counter-Zombie Operations

Jun 22, 2011

I do love satire. Today, it came in the form of an Army Field Manual. More specifically, the newly released manual FM 999-3 Counter-Zombie Operations at the Fireteam Level. The layout was sufficiently accurate to fool many people who didn’t take time to look at the contents.

FM 999-3

The original link is back in action. I saw has been overwhelmed but is also available on scribd. The manual has been out for several days. I finally saw it today. What a hoot.

Worthy of several chuckles. Well done to the author.

From the manual:

Electronic civilian distribution of this version of the manual is authorized through:

House of Ryoga: Zombie Survival Division

Army Zombie Combat School

Hard copy civilian distribution of this version of the manual is authorized through:
Kevadrin’s Wares

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  • It was listed that a hard copy of FM-999-3 was available on this site. Obviously another lie. Production of any manual that “looks” authentic still is punishable by Federal law. That means 10-20 in prison for you morons who think this is all some game. You can not print anything that is marked as being from any Department of the Military without prior approval.. I work for the Army and have informed my superipors of this print and they will follow-up with proper recourse action.

    • You are mistaken. Nothing in this post indicates a hard copy is available on this site. Neither is an electronic copy. I did not produce the work nor do I distribute it. The quoted links are merely pointers available in the manual.

      I did enjoy the satire of the work as I stated in the first line of the article. I look forward to hearing from your “superipors [sic]”. Hopefully they possess a sense of humor — you apparently do not. I highly doubt anyone would be confused for more than a few minutes by the parody.

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