Labyrinth Lord: Resource List

Jun 9, 2011

For the Labyrinth Lord fans, I have begun to assemble a list of resources. I intend to migrate the data into a simple database. The database will be expanded to allow resources to have descriptions and multiple categorization for entries. The current list is a starting point. I apologize in advance for oversights. If I didn’t include a resource, consider it my failure. The original list had a publisher section. I intend to add it back in but need to determine how to annotate publishers along with a list of products.

Additions, corrections and suggestions are encouraged.

Character Sheets

Dyson’s Folder-Style Character Sheet
Dyson’s Landscape Character Sheet
Form Fillable Character Sheet
PocketMod format Character Sheet
R. Lawrence Blake’s Index Card character sheet

Free Publications

Adventuring Equipment List

Alchemy Ingredients
Back to the Keep’s Monster Matrix
Back to the Keep’s Reference Sheets
Bard Character Class
Dyson’s Dodecahedron
Half Ogre Character Race
Magical Cantrips
Monster Cards
Morale Check’s DM Screen
Monster Listing
Monsters by Region
Pick Pocket List
Snorri’s Creatures from Unknown Lands
Rogues Gallery
Swords Against the Outer Dark’s Labyrinth Lord / Advanced Edition Companion DM Screen
Strange Stones’s DM Screen
The Demons of Adad Untash
Time Tracking Sheet
Treasure Book of the Day
Unique Magical Weapons

Maps and Modules

Burial Mound of Esur the Red (level 2)
Challenge of the Frog Idol
Dyson’s Delve
Fortress on the Ironflow (levels 2-4)
Goblin Gully (level 1)
Lair of the Spider Flayers (variable level)
The Charmed Grotto (levels 5-8)
The Hall of Challenges (Level 5)
The Sewers of Travon (Area 1)
The Tomb of Dûrahn Oakenshield (level 3)

Utilities & Generators

Deck of Many Things
Dungeon Map Creator
Dungeon Vault
Hoard/Treasure Generator
Monster and Treasure Assortments
Monster Listing
Random Dungeon Area
Random Outdoor Area
Spell Book Generator
Spell Scroll Generator
Treasure Book Generator
Treasure Maps


  • Bookmarked. Can’t wait to see what else you find. This is a true gift to the community. I love having everything within sight!

    • Trying to get it consolidated in one massive list was the general idea. It will migrate out of blog format once I get a format and location settled.

  • Thanks Mark! This is a great resource. If I find anything you haven’t covered, I’ll let you know. Having said that, it would be very hard for me to believe that I would find something before you do.

  • You got *almost* all of my stuff. Only thing not there is Dyson’s Delve – an 11 level dungeon (made of 11 one page dungeons – so all 11 levels fit on 11 pages) that takes characters from level 1 to level 6.

    • I did not think it possible to get all your stuff. Thanks for reminding me of the Delve.

  • Round #2: The listing is now on a stand alone page rather than a blog post. I added descriptions, tweaked categorization and cleaned up the appearance. Overall, its a superior product.

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