Great gaming locations aren’t born on trees… some are in the woods

Jun 3, 2011

Four weeks ago, my Old Guys Gaming group held our semi-annual gaming get together at the University of Denver’s Mt. Evans Field Station. The field station is an alpine research facility located at the base of Mt. Evans near Idaho Springs, Colorado. Situated at an elevation of 3260 meters (10.6K ft), the station is not a traditional gaming locale.

For a semi-annual gathering, the location is ideal. The dormitory building can house twenty or more people. Our group is much smaller allowing everyone a bit of space and privacy during the extended weekends. Unlike a hotel, you need not worry about annoying people next door. The closest neighbor you could encounter is someone else staying in the house about 50 yards away. Gaming into the wee hours will not disturb anyone.

DU's Field Station, October 2010

The visit in May was our third outing to the field station. In addition to the other amenities, the field station is very inexpensive. The rate, as of this writing, is $150 minimum or $25/person/night. Far less than the cost of a hotel.

The cost and amenities have made the field station our de facto locale since our original stay in April 2010. The low cost was discussed several times. Every attendee has agreed the cost is below the value. I wanted to make an extra contribution for this visit to help with the ever increasing costs. I was not alone.

At the end of the stay, Randall, Wheels, and I settled up for the final stay. We left a little extra to support the location beyond the minimum. Our host was just as happy as we were. His thankful response included,

Whow! [sic] Your generosity on behalf of the station is greatly appreciated. You have a season pass at the station!

We might make it back this year, we may not. Still, adding a little extra to the pot so the field station will be there next time is well worth the expense. Thanks fellas for making it possible.

A little generosity goes a long ways.

Mobile Layout Enhancements

Jun 3, 2011
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I’ve been slow to jump on the modern smart phone wagon. As of last week, I’m the owner of a new Android phone. After the new wore off, I finally got around to updating my WordPress installation with a plugin to automatically detect and change the layout for mobile users. It works nicely. The appearance is clean and simple; exactly what I desired.

Thanks to the folks at BraveNewCode for the WPtouch and WPtouch-Pro plugins for WordPress. The non-pro version is free and works nicely. The pro variant has a dazzling array of options. I’m unlikely to ever use or need the majority of them. Programmers need a few bucks to buy beer and banana’s so I opted for the pro version.

The pro variant supports WP3.0 menus. Menu support is not crucial at the moment. If I get around to updating the rest of the site with mobile layouts, having the menu support will be very useful. I intend to investigate the Web-App framework to see if it would be a viable mobile layout for my generators.

Even if you haven’t plunged into the mobile world, I’d recommend considering a plugin to support the visitors to your blog who have. Adding aesthetically pleasing support is easier than ever.

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