Up yours, Google.

May 31, 2011

I love Google. I really do. I really hate some of the assumptions they make… Take commenting on a Blogger blog with a Google ID:

I'm going to comment....

Then you get crap like this:

Huh? Sorry, no, don't need a blog

Like many, I don’t need 417 different identities I need to track. I certainly don’t need another blog when all I want to do is comment on yours. So I wanted to comment but failed. Such is life. I don’t need another identity, yet another blog.



  • Feel your pain. I end going through hoops trying to post comments on some blogger sites. Sometimes it’s becomes such a pain that I end up not bothering.

  • I thought I was mad at first. Thanks Chuck for letting me know I’m not alone.

  • And even though I have a google identity, AND a blogger blog (just so I have it for the identity to make it easy to comment), I still have to pass a bloody Captcha every time I comment.

    Not when I write the comment, no, that would be easy.

    After I write the comment, select my google identity, and click the submit button, the bloody page reloads and asks me to enter the captcha code and submit. Couldn’t just put the fucking Captcha on the damn comment form directly, eh?

    I love commenting on WordPress blogs. Akismet handles spam without all that crap.