Blackberry Mead

May 25, 2011

Yet another batch of mead. Pretty much the same as the grocery store mead except I used White Labs Sweet Mead yeast rather than Fleischmans and I added around a pound of blackberries. Additionally, the orange went in with the peel unlike the prior batch.

Blackberry Mead

The blackberries were from the freezer section of the grocery store. I let them nearly thaw then tossed them in the blender. If I had a small brewing pail, I may have placed them in a cheesecloth bag rather than adding them directly. I plan to add a second round of berries when I rack into the secondary to augment the fruit flavor.

I’m also giving the balloon method a try for an airlock. I should know how well its going to work within a day or so.

Happy Balloon (Airlock)



  • Best to do Melomels in a vessel with better head room. The poor balloon is going to get a workout. Better than an airlock. Clogged airlocks make interesting projectiles. The bad news is blackberry juice stains everything.

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