Merakai Revamped at Convergence

May 8, 2011
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Convergence is a gathering of geographically dispersed gaming friends for a long weekend of role playing The original idea was to hold an annual gathering but after the first one, it quickly became a semi-annual event. The weekend was also extended from 3 days to 4 to allow more gaming time.

Another Convergence is upon us. In four days, I’ll be rounding up people from the airport and headed into the Colorado Rockies for another weekend of role playing, old guy style. For the second time, we’ll have five people in attendance. For the first time, we’ll have a complete newcomer to our gaming circle. Hitting six attendees once again is just out of reach as one of the long time participants once again cannot make it.

Another first has occurred, a player stepped up and wants to play a specific game. Randall’s been to all but one Convergence and he wants to play some 2nd Edition AD&D. More specifically, he wants to play in my Grasslands of Merakai setting once again. He was one of the primary players during the years I ran the game. I’ve been tinkering with it for a few weeks so his request is easily accommodated. After a few emails, the game will not utilize old characters since no other player will have one. A new campaign will be born in an old setting with a new look.

Beyond the Grasslands, Wheels procured Munchkin Zombies at my request. Munchkin is a fast, fun game. Munchkin with zombies has to be a win win. I’m also going to try to find Zombie Dice if I can before Wednesday. Kevin from KORPG was willing to continue his zombie apocalypse game from last fall. Lastly, our newcomer, Garrett, has offered to run a Call of Cthulu style game. From my conversations with him, he’s blended in some World of Darkness. Sounds entertaining.

What is planned and what will get played always vary. Convergence is a dynamic environment. One where many planned games fall aside and others take over. Nothing wrong with that.



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