CityGen: A random city block generator

May 3, 2011
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CityGen was originally designed as a precursor to KORPG’s What’s at this Intersection?. It was also a proof of concept utility to generate images on the fly with PHP. Sound crazy? The overall idea was simple on paper but caused a lot of frustration during the implementation.

The premise of the idea was to randomly determine commercial, residential, and residential location types and present them as geomorph style buildings. The random portion was pretty trivial. Artwork isn’t something I do well. Kevin over at KORPG produced some great art for his variant. In the end, he couldn’t fold in the prototype I wrote and I’m unlikely to produce art. Result? Two variations of a general concept that are both useful.

I may get around to stripping out the on-the-fly image generation. It is not necessary for my simplistic variation. As Kevin has done, layout with tables using stock imagery is far faster. Unless you need to rotate, scale or do fancy stuff. Fancy is unlikely.

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