Clowning around with Maps

Apr 24, 2011

Like many people, most of my map are hand sketched atop graph paper with a focus on functionality over form. Since the RPG Blog Carnival is focused on cartography, I decided to knock the digital dust bunnies off my copy of Campaign Cartographer. I pretty much suck at CC3 mapping. Although I did learn a bit more about layering and object manipulation. So I’ll call it a marginal success.

Every carnival needs a clown.

Rough Layout of Merakai

I also did a quick and dirty dungeon style map of a burrow. It doesn’t really fit with the original idea I had but its a map. I was intending to do a side view style map but cannot get the ground layer to appear even marginal. Marginal is successful for me. This one has text labels in CC3. They look fine right up until you export the map and crop it. I knew that. Rather, I remembered right after cropping the exported image. Maybe this time I’ll remember to not bother and just insert labels, when needed, with Gimp.

Burrow Map

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