Labyrinth Lord Treasure Bugs, Part II

Apr 20, 2011
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Black Wyvern found yet another bug in the treasure generation system. His post on the Goblinoid Games Forums correctly identified that magical armor wasn’t being generated properly. Additionally he pointed out that extraneous commas were still be shown in certain situations. Part of that was the armor issue and part of it was a database issue.

Those issues have been corrected. Thanks Black Wyvern.

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Origins: Grasslands of Merakai – Adventure Seeds

Apr 20, 2011

Continuation of my Origins series, as detailed previously. -Mark

Adventure Seeds

The Adventure Seeds sequence are snippets of encounter ideas I posted in tandem with the original background material. The majority of the ideas are tied to a location within the Grasslands but could easily be plopped down elsewhere. Reading through some of these, I am amazed at how brutal I was to the players at the time. However, the precept of the campaign was focused on surviving a brutal era and area.

Lierchmon: The Cook

Lierchmon is a pretty small village with quite a few problems. To begin with, there have been several murders right in the village. No one knows what has happened but several citizens have disappeared and several areas showed signs of a struggle. This stems from the group of Troglodytes living in the basement of an abandoned inn called the Foaming Mug. They wander late at night ambushing unwary citizens.

Secondly, several visiting clerics have been poisoned. Many clerics have fallen ill after about 2 days in Lierchmon. They all have the same symptoms but nothing ties them together. Actually, the cook at the Golden Grain Inn has been slipping poison into their food which takes 1-2 days for the affect to occur. The poison can kill but it usually just incapacitates the cleric for 1-8 days. The cook, Snivel Graltar, is a 3rd level assassin who despises clerics. He will attempt to poison any cleric who travels through Lierchmon and stays at the Golden Grain. Also, once he has poisoned the cleric, he will sneak into the cleric’s room and rob him blind while the cleric is still delirious from the poison.

Fedell: Ants

One of the few poor farmers in the area has had a terrible misfortune. His wheat field has been invaded by a hill of giant ants. These ants wander about the area eating all the vegetation which is beginning to cause a food shortage in the town. The council of merchants has offered a reward to any group of adventurers who will destroy the ant-hill. The reward is about 500 GP for the body of the queen ant. Follow the guidelines for the ant population printed in the Monstrous Compendium. Run several encounters of worker ants in the field and then a few warrior ant encounters as the PC’s make their way toward the hill. Eventually, the PC’s will need to fight their way inside the ant-hill and kill the queen. This ends the scenario–except for getting the large queen’s body back to the city. Remember if the PC’s destroy the body of the queen (i.e. by fire) no reward will be given.

Fedell: The Raid

The PC’s are hanging out in one of the several inns/taverns in Fedell when a group of wandering bandits hit the town. A portion of the bandit group will bust into the tavern with swords drawn. They intend to rob the bar and make off with the expensive alcohol not to mention any women who may be in there (PC women can be subject to this). If the PC’s destroy the first group of bandits another set will show up to find out where the first is. Or the PC’s may enter into the street where the bandits will attempt to run them down. Throw a few NPC’s into the bandit group and have them escape–this gives the PC’s someone to chase down.

Arfeld: The Wayward Inn

The foremost rumour within the town are of the towns Dadta and Marku to the west (into the scrub area). The rumours say that anyone who travels to these areas never returns. There is a small trail leading west out of Arfeld which is very overgrown due to lack of use. It leads to the Wayward Inn. The inn is the last stand of the humans who used to dwell in the area. Very recently, a large force of hobgoblins descended from the mountains and swept over Dadta and Marku. They have taken over both towns and are living off the stores of food and other supplies the fleeing humans left. Many of the settlers who remained in the towns are now dead or have been enslaved. Let rumours slowly trickle into the PC’s. Enough rumours will make them journey into the area.

All told, there are about 500 hobgoblins divided between the two towns and wandering about the surrounding areas. Killing hobgoblins should keep the PC’s busy for a couple of weeks. Eventually, after enough hobgoblins are slain, they will retreat to the mountains. Of course, other NPC’s will be in the area competing for the treasure (and gratitude of the old settlers). I used this situation to expose my players to several NPC enemies (a few of whom have been harassing them through several levels of experience).

Arfeld: The Great Cliff

The second scenario which I have prepared to spawn from Arfeld is the introduction of the Great Cliff. Many years ago, an earthquake caused a section of the scrub area to sink about 350′. This caused a great cliff of limestone to be exposed. Weathering has since opened a variety of caves up and carved ledges from the soft stone. Utilising these caves for lairs, many different encounters can be set up. The cliff varies from 200-500′ tall and averages 350′. It runs almost 40 miles and is potted by numerous caves.

One idea for the Great Cliff is to have the PC’s climbing along trying to reach a large cave opening about 50′ above them. The cave is actually the lair for a wyvern who just happens to come home while the PC’s are on a very thin ledge, say 1.5′. This will make the player’s scream as the wyvern repeatedly dives, knocking PC’s off the ledge and letting them plummet a couple hundred feet.

To make the climbing even more difficult, a had a nice spring thunderstorm roll into the area. It rained quite a while, dropping 1″ of precipitation. Try adding a little hail with the rain!

At ground level of the Great Cliff, a nice tribe of minotaurs make their home. This is a great encounter since the minotaurs love to appear at various levels from cave openings and drop rocks & debris on the players.