Stitching a Leather Grip on a Medieval Mace

Jun 22, 2010

Disregard what Captain Contrary has to say. I’m quite certain my three readers are interested in my metal and leather fetish fixation. Today, my readers become viewers for first time. Kick back with a cold drink on this hot day and watch the second leather grip get stitched onto the mace handle by yours truly.

Stitching Video

This grip is quite different than the first one. The top and bottom edges were folded over to provide a ridge. Nothing fancy, fold over a 1/4 inch or so, apply glue, clamp, and wait for it to dry. I also added horizontal “tooling”. Tooling is a stretch considering it was done with a straight edge and the flat bit of a 90 degree screw driver. The leather is dyed with a dark brown but not treated for resilience. I want wear to quickly show through giving an artificially aged look.

Now that both maces are adorned with leather, I must allow them to venture into the world. Perhaps if I quit experimenting, I can finish my documentation on the howto document explaining all the key steps in building a medieval mace.

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  • I tried to embed the video. I’m either incompetent, completely missing something or the functionality just isn’t present in this installation. Clicking a link will have to suffice.

  • I took care of the embedding. Basically I dropped into the HTML code for the post and pasted the embed code therein.

  • Thanks Kevin. I tried but apparently cannot quash the editor on my account.