Prep Work In Fluid Form

Jan 18, 2010

I admit to being easily distracted. There was a post on one of the RPG Bloggers member sites that was focused on brewing. I didn’t bookmark it and cannot seem to find it in the flood of creativity. Suffice to say I was inspired. Coupled with a 3 month window before our Spring Convergence, I did a bit of out of the box preparation.

I did have source material handy as you can see. I waffled a lot before settling on an English style ale. Preparation involves so many choices. I haven’t brewed a batch in several years. Should be fun to see how it turns out. Now back to the game prep… until bottling.

Update 01/22/2010:

Wort transferred from the primary fermenter into the secondary. As always, the initial product doesn’t look that appetizing.

Mmm, Hops



  • Mark………Will you marry me?? hehehe

  • @Randall: Uhh…No. Ask again when you are a multimillionaire….

  • Just for the record, the brew just shot the air lock filter into the ceiling. It was barely getting its ferment on 5 hours ago but its on now. New airlock installed sans restrictive cap, we’ll see how it does tonight.

  • “Man cannot game on bread alone…”