We received news late tonight, as I write this, that Stewart Wieck has passed away at the age of 49. His brother Steve wrote

Kick The Box July 14th Edition

Wed 21 June 2017 by Trollitc from Troll in the Corner

Kick The Box July 14th Edition This week and next week’s editions of Kick The Box are going to be short. I’ll be starting my vacation this week, and depending which day of the week it is, I’ll be camping, ghost town hunting, playing games, and traversing ...

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What makes RPGs successful?

Wed 21 June 2017 by Desdichado from Dark•Heritage

Back from several days "vacation" in Chicago (I was actually a chaperone for my son's 8th grade field trip.  Vacation isn't probably the right word to describe it...) and I'm getting caught up on a lot of stuff (luckily, work seems to have been quiet while I ...

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Free RPG Day 2017

Tue 20 June 2017 by Renaissance Gamer from Renaissance Gamer

It’s that time again! June 17 is Free RPG Day, or “Tabletop Christmas” as I call it, a special day when gaming companies provide free role-playing product to encourage folks to try new RPGs. Game stores who take part will have the items available, and the better ones also ...

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Gnome Spotlight: Big Bad Con & Gaming For All

Tue 20 June 2017 by Darcy Ross from Gnome Stew

Welcome to the second installment of Gnome Spotlight, where we highlight gamers doing good. Today I’m excited to share the really cool programs and practices of a convention that consistently gets rave reviews: Big Bad Con. It’s a tabletop and live action gaming convention, boasting a wide variety ...

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Los Angeles Gamer Gallery: A New Series at Advanced Dungeons and Parenting

Tue 20 June 2017 by Christian Lindke from Advanced Dungeons and Parenting

Los Angeles Gamer Gallery is a series of posts discussing the Los Angeles gaming community and some of the wonderful people who play and promote games in Tinseltown and abroad.

Why the Los Angeles Area?

Though the Los Angeles area has long been a vibrant part of the role playing ...

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FAQ: Let's Talk about Tagbites

Tue 20 June 2017 by Tobie Abad from TAGSESSIONS

FAQ: Let's Talk about Tagbites So what are tagbites? tagbites are one-shot role-playing game sessions that are open for players to try games which they probably have never tried playing before. It isn't hard to find gaming options for Dungeons and Dragons, World of Darkness games, or even ...

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Kickstart Your Weekend: Lion-tiger-bears and Apocalypses Oh My!

Mon 19 June 2017 by Timothy Brannan from The Other Side blog

A couple of brand new Kickstarters for you today. First up is +Andreas Walters and Atlas Animalia - A book of monster variants for Pathfinder and 5th edition Role-Playing. Metal Weave games is bringing together an all-star cast of writers, artists, and editors to bring us monsters from any clime and ...

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Nobilis – Sean’s Pick, 061617

Mon 19 June 2017 by spfannon from Sean's Pick of the Day

Jenna K. Moran has experienced her own Hero’s Journey through the gaming industry, so I’m closing out Eclectic Week with this icon of oddly wonderful, Nobilis. This version is diceless and intended for both tabletop and LARP play, and it stands as the latest version of a game ...

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No Thank You, Evil! Won an Origins Award!

Mon 19 June 2017 by Sean Reynolds from Monte Cook Games

Every year, the Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts and Design announces the nominees for the Origins Awards, recognizing outstanding games in the hobby industry. This weekend, No Thank You, Evil! won the Origins Award in the roleplaying game category! We are incredibly honored to be recognized in this way, and ...

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Paizo Welcomes the Glass Cannon Podcast to the Family!

Mon 19 June 2017 by Unknown from Paizo

You might have been hearing rumors here and there...rumblings of an agreement between Paizo and the incredibly entertaining Glass Cannon podcast. Well today, we are proud to confirm that the Glass Cannon Podcast is now an official Paizo podcast! For those that don't know, the Glass Cannon Podcast ...

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This Old Dragon: Issue #161

Thu 08 June 2017 by Timothy Brannan from The Other Side blog

Jumping ahead a bit more. I thought I had grabbed the newest (relatively speaking) Dragon in my box, but this one came up.  Granted, I cheated a bit and this was actually the third one I had grabbed for this week.  It had some things I want to go over ...

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Review: Hexers Role Playing Game Board

Tue 06 June 2017 by Mark Craddock from Cross Planes

Earlier this week I saw the

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Dirty Aces is on DriveThruRPG!

Tue 06 June 2017 by Ben Scerri from versamus ; we roll

Today, as of 00:38 AEST, I became a published roleplaying game designer. Imma-need-a-minute, folks! Dirty Aces is finally live on DriveThruRPG! Dirty Aces is a tabletop roleplaying game about a group of wanderers, vagabonds, ne'er-do-wells, and unlikely heroes who are bound together by fate/Karma/ka - whatever you ...

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Ego Check with The Id DM – Episode 16 – Katrina Ostrander

Tue 06 June 2017 by Katrina Ostrander from Triple Crit

The Id DM recently invited me on his podcast, Ego Check, an interview podcast series hosted by a licensed psychologist, Michael Mallen, Ph.D. The podcast delves into a variety of game types (e.g., tabletop roleplaying games, boardgames, videogames) from a psychological perspective. Dr. Mallen has been interviewing members ...

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5 reasons I F*%king love Hawk the Slayer!

Tue 06 June 2017 by grimace73 from The Grinning Skull

I’m sure this movie needs no introductions. You can call this one of my guilty pleasure’s of the celluloid variety, as ever since I first saw it, I loved it ever since. In an age growing up where fantasy media was limited to a handful of films on ...

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Forty Year Old Fanboy Update#14

Tue 06 June 2017 by Tobie Abad from TAGSESSIONS

Day three of the Gamex 2017 convention had me waking up and realizing I had almost overslept and lost my opportunity to play in Ben Woerner's 7th Sea game,

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