OPC Log, 6 Calistril, 4717

Sun 12 February 2017 by Unknown from Paizo

Making my way back from the Las Vegas Open to spend some time in the office before heading out to DundraCon in a few weeks. The Open is a small con with large growth potential. Currently focused on war gaming, they are looking to expand into tabletop RPGs. I look forward to seeing what they can do for 2018. Once back in the office, the team and I will be putting final polish on some items in preparation for announcing them to our players. Keep an eye on the blogs throughout February for some exciting news! With the launch of the 2017 travel season, the team will be setting out for locations around the world.

Hooked On Class Decks

Sun 12 February 2017 by Unknown from Paizo

By now you may have heard that we're restarting the class decks line in August. We took a break after the Summoner Class Deck to reassess the decks we wanted to make, making sure we could come up with fresh new concepts in the wake of our success with ...

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