Westmarch is a small wilderness settlement being used in my current Stream Game. The map was completed and used in our latest two episodes, but is available for you in its entirety here! What do you get for that $3.00? The Master (Full) Copy of the Map is 6000 x 4315 at 300dpi. To make it more manageable on Virtual Table Tops (such as Roll20 or FantasyGrounds) the map has been cut into 6 segments (with some overlap) 2964 x 2158 at 300dpi. There are three multi-tiered guard towers (that comes with a layerable top floor and roof in transparent seperate images) And lastly all of these are available with Hex Grids, Square Grids and No Grid, as well as colored for both day light and night time. Over all you will recieve 87 files (3 sets of 29 (hex, square, none)) This map was a learning experience and took me the better part of 20 hours, but i think it is pretty solid.

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